What's up, my name is Matt Jylkka — you may know me from YouTube. Before the boring stuff here is some cool news. My good friend, and super coder Koen Schmeets has recently joined up, and 'Mt. Mograph' is now a two-man team.

We want to build tools to make animating intuitive, and well, badass. Koen does the heavy lifting, and I do the daydreaming and designing. Well — truthfully, we both just babble until things fall into place.

Koen is from the Netherlands and currently traveling the world on a Vespa (read more here), and I'm a Michigan native who relocated to Colorado.


We're currently building some interesting tools for motion graphics and production, scattered between 10,000 personal projects and random things for companies that pay us (see more here). But at the end of the day, we both just enjoy creating things people like, and growing along the way.

This rewind could go on for a while, but ain't nobody got time for that. Thanks for supporting Mt. Mograph!