A reimagined workflow for motion design



- Control what you see and animate
- Designed to help focus on your work
Solve layer managment problems
Save hours of wasted time


At its most basic, Focus is the “solo track” of audio programs - reimagined for animation in After Effects. Dig in deeper and you'll find tons of powerful tools and functionality tucked beneath the surface. 

Focus is packed with features you won’t find anywhere else. From a infinite custom Tagging System, to variable Focus Depth. If you have a deadline to meet, a difficult animation, or a project that has your head spinning — you'll find it helps to Focus.


Why Focus?

Focus is the most powerful and full featured "layer management" tool available for After Effects. Whether you're designing a complex animation, struggling to find a layer among hundreds or just looking for a smarter way to work, Focus will enhance your workflow.

And it's been battle-tested by some of the industries best. Focus has been proven in all areas of motion graphics. From streamlining complex animations, to powering through hundreds of layers Focus can handle the most high-end projects. Or, Focus can just give you am empty space to think.



At its core - select as many Objects or Layers as you want. Focus will hide everything else. Giving you the clarity to animate, while seeing what you need. Use Focus Depth to toggle functionality through three options!


Parent/Child chains are sometimes hard to find. It is often difficult to find all the affected child Layers. With Focus to Children - one-click will Focus all the Children hierarchies. Select as many parents as you want!  


Finding what you want is hard when your project starts to exceed 20+ layers. Create unlimited custom Tag labels using Add New Tag Label to Tag your layers. The input field doubles as a search bar!


Big projects have tons of layers, selecting Objects and Layers isn't always the best option. Use Focus to Tags to Focus in on all Tag labels you have selected. Use Focus Depth for even more control.


100% non-destructive

As professionals we can't afford to waste our time Shy-ing and Un-Shy-ing, Enabling and Disabling. When you work with Focus seeing what you want is a single-click away. Use tools like Focus Selected, Focus Children and Focus Tags to simplify your Composition and Layer Panel. Or change your Focus Range to customize even further how the tools Focus. 

And getting everything back? Just Re-Focus.


Tools that work for you

Focus has a tool for anything you need. They might sound simple - but they pack a punch!



If many Layers have multiple Tags - your Timeline might look cluttered. Clean it up using Hide Tags & Show Tags. Don't worry - you can still Focus to Tag even if they're not visible!


Focus is flexible and puts the power in your hands. If the default Focus Depth isn't what you like. Choose to Focus only the Layer Panel, only the Composition Panel or choose to Focus to both!


Does your project have Shy'd, Locked or Disabled Layers? Focus remembers them all. Simply Re-Focus and everything is restored. Mattes? They will still work even if they aren't Focused!


Easily Add Layer Tags or Remove Layer Tags with a single click! Select Tag labels to batch add them to any selected Layers. Removing them is just as easy!


Even more beneath the surface

Focus isn't flashy, in fact you might not even notice it while you work. Everything is designed to "just work" - no complicated steps and no difficult setups. Focus was developed to make your workflow better. 

The highlights on this page are only an overview. There are tons of other little features tucked beneath the surface to make you smile while you work. So give Focus a try - you'll feel the freedom of animating with clarity.