Free resources, tools & files

Character Theory Rig

Explore the basics of character creation with this rig. A new Summit with much more advanced techniques to bring your character to life will released soon.

String Script

Generates "sticky" lines to attach layers. Speeds the tedious process of setting up this effect with helpful controls. Play around to see what you can do!

Accents Script

Create a powerful control system for accent effects, radial explosions, geometric patterns and more! 

Flip Script

Flips After Effects layers to others. The selected layer can be spun in any direction in 3D space for a Magic transition.

Minimal C4D Icons

Check out this flat and minimal set of Cinema 4D application icons. See the difference between C4D releases and Render Clients.

Explosions Script

This script is generates custom shockwaves, bursts or ultra explosions with a helpful set of controls. Tons of effect controls to explore 100's of cool effects!

Wallpapers (Pack 1)

Here are all my favorite desktop wallpapers. Found them on Google over the years. So I saved you some time and packaged them.

Summit 2 - Futuristic Bullet

Today we'll use Cinema 4D to create a cool sci-fi animation. An ultra-modern bullet flying across the screen! This will introduce new C4D users to the Mograph Tracer and Sweep NURBS modules.

Watch the video here

Summit 2 - Intro to Motion Graphics

Today we'll be using Adobe After Effects to create a short animation. You'll learn some useful keyboard shortcuts, how to add extra properties to layers, expansion masks and also dive into the Graph Editor.

Watch the video here