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Grand Rapids, MI
United States

My name is Matt Jylkka. I'm a motion graphic designer and pixel perfectionist - welcome to Mt. Mograph.

Mt Mo - Downloads.jpg



Magic Flip Script

This script flips After Effects layers to others. Automates an often used effect seen in commercials and advertisements. The selected layer can be spun in any direction in 3D space for a Magic transition.

Download Magic Flip Script >


Mt. Mo - Wallpapers

Here are all my favorite desktop wallpapers. They keep my mind wandering and make me happy. I don't own the rights to the pictures. I've found them on Google over the years. So I saved you some time and packaged them.

Download Mt. Mo - Wallpapers > 


Magic String Script

This script generates "sticky" lines to attach layers. Speeds the tedious process of setting up this effect and houses helpful controls. Play around to see what you can do! 

Download Magic String Script >


Effortless Accents Script

Create a powerful control system for accent effects, radial explosions, geometric patterns and so much more! Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #EffortlessAccents so others can search it and get inspired. 

Download Effortless Accents Script >


Minimal C4D App Icons

Check out this flat and minimal set of Cinema 4D application icons. Easily apply them to see the difference between applications and Render Clients inside different versions of the C4D Suite.

Download Minimal C4D Icons >


Ultra Explosions Script

One-click solution to generate custom shockwaves, bursts or ultra explosions with a helpful set of controls. Dive deeper by turning off the Shy switch to access tons of effect controls to explore hundreds of cool effects!

Download Ultra Explosions Script >