I've dragged my feet on finishing up Sound. I've worked on Sound sporadically over the last couple of months. Unfortunately, I've have never been completely happy with the results. I've had a couple different iterations and finally have found one I'm satisfied with. I appreciate the interest and emails! I'm doing my best to get this new tool completed soon. A big reason the development is taking so long, is that I want it to be the best it can be. I appreciate everyones patience and I'll keep you updated!



Every sound is equalized, balanced and mastered to provide a cohesive high-end library for you. File size is also optimized for quality and usability.


Sound is a cohesive collection of high-end sound effects and environments. Sound includes a custom plugin/interface to help navigate, choose and add your Sound. The goal is to speed the process of taking an animation from a finished work to a polished piece. The Sound package includes a huge library of sounds and variations to choose from. You'll have no trouble setting the perfect tone for your animation.