Unique tools — different thinking


What's up, my name is Matt Jylkka — you may know me from YouTube. Before the boring stuff, here is some cool news, Mt. Mograph is officially a two-man development team.

Last year, my friend Koen Schmeets and I partnered up to start turning old scripts into actual software. We've already launched two new tools (Boombox and Midas) and a couple batches of modernized updates. We have a huge rebuild to Motion on the way, and also some big experiments in the works.

Also joining the Mt. Mograph party is the talented Isaac Brockshus, an award-winning composer who produces the sonic waves for the Boombox library.

Koen Schmeets (Developer)

Koen is a super coder from the Netherlands. He is currently traveling the world on a Vespa, while crafting our latest tools to a crackling fire and starry night (follow his journey from Amsterdam to New Zealand: FacebookInstagram). With over 15+ years of programming experience, fluency in 12 programming languages, and experience with every database under the sun, the future updates will be futuristic.


Isaac Brockshus (Composer)

Isaac is a Iowa-born composer, who earned his Masters degree in South Carolina. He won a Gold Addy for his commercial work, as well as awards and commissions for music. In his spare time, he is a teacher, freelance composer and curates a catalogue of chamber workLet's just say he makes the Boombox library sound good.


Matt Jylkka (Designer)

Matt is a Michigan-born motion designer, who currently calls Denver home. He has launched multiple successful commercial products, and partnered with design agencies around the world. He also created and runs an educational YouTube channel for teaching animation. The channel now has over 235,000+ subscribers, and 11+ million views.