• Boombox (Liquid Contact)

    A new sound pack "Liquid Contact" is here for Boombox. Turn pixels to liquid with a collection of standard water sounds; splashes, submersions, pours, drips and bubbles. This foley pack will fit projects of all genres.
  • Boombox (In Suspense)

    A new sound pack "In Suspense" is here for Boombox. Lurking just out of sight are dark slams, mysterious swells and startling sweeps. In Suspense offers an eclectic soundscape united in terror.
  • Boombox (Characters)

    A new sound pack "Characters" is here for Boombox. Give your onscreen characters something to say with utterances from across the emotional spectrum. Shouts, cries, laughs, and much more represent a growing case of personalities.
  • Boombox (Arcade Shift)

    A new sound pack "Arcade Shift" is here for Boombox. Capture the essence of a bygone era with classic arcade beeps and whistles. Arcade Shift is full of UI standards like menu selections and resizes straight out of the 80s.
  • Boombox (Ear Candy)

    A new sound pack "Ear Candy" is here for Boombox. A sugary cornucopia of musical flourishes adds color to the movement of graphic elements. These sounds also double perfectly as UI staples.
  • Boombox (Commercial Hype)

    A new sound pack "Commercial Hype" is here for Boombox. Bring the hype with a pack of assertive basketball foley and impact motion sounds. Commercial Hype is suitable for all sorts of high-octane sports commercials.

  • Boombox (Semi-Charmed)

    A new sound pack "Semi-Charmed" is here for Boombox. Charm your way through a fantasy world with ethereal UI sounds. Wrap your graphics in magical tones, pristine bells and the occasional hint of danger fitting of an adventure game.
  • Boombox (Mograph Machine)

    A new sound pack "Mograph Machine" is here for Boombox. Rube Goldberg would be proud of these foley hits. This pack is choke full of small mechanisms, gentle whirs and tiny rustles to keep things moving.
  • Boombox (Rhythm System)

    A new sound pack "Rhythm System" is here for Boombox. Kick it up a notch with an entire kit’s worth of clean drum samples. Be sure to check back for updates; future additions to Rhythm System will include loop-able beats and fills in addition to the individual samples.
  • Boombox (Gore)

    A new sound pack "Gore" is here for Boombox. Just in time for Halloween, this gruesome foley pack is loaded with dismemberments, stabs, hacks and generally gory organic sounds. Warning: not for the faint of heart.
  • Boombox (Food Matter)

    A new sound pack "Food Matter" is here for Boombox. Whet your appetite with a buffet of bites, breaks and pours representing a variety of foods. And don't limit your self to what's edible; these sounds can also lend an organic feel to other onscreen elements.
  • Boombox (Tactile Feelings)

    A new sound pack "Tactile Feelings" is here for Boombox. Interact with a range of common materials — from denim to polyester, paper to plastic — designed to be pulled, flapped, rolled and unraveled.