changelog archive


- Fix support for CC 2017


- Add Flag capability
- Add Cue Point to sounds
- Fix update bug
- Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements


- Add sound count next to Edit buttons
- Add Search to Tags and Categories screens
- Float selected Tags and Categories
- Store sound waveform for immediate loading on Edit


- Fix 'double-playback' issue on Edit Page
- Fix saving errors on Edit Page
- Minor layout tweaks
- Remove Cue label from Marker when adding sounds to AE
- Search bar now always searches entire library


- Add Feedback and Import buttons
- Add Import workflow
- Fix double-playback bug
- Fix uninstall progress indicator
- General UI & UX tweaks
- General housekeeping and bug fixes


- Change inactive toggle color
- New option to disable statistics
- New option to enter license key while in trial
- Uninstalling cleans up everything now


- Initial release