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Where can I re-download my purchase, receipt, or license key?

We are backed by the eCommerce provider Gumroad. With Gumroad, each purchase has a built-in Account to help you manage downloads. You can visit your Account at or, follow the steps below:

1. Go to 
2. Click Login in the top right
3. Enter the same email you used to purchase
4. Boom! You should be on your Account/Downloads page

From there you'll be able to access all your purchases and information.

How do I fix a strange crash, or freeze while a tool was updating, or installing?

We do our best to provide stable tools, but errors may occur on occasion. Typically, this happens during a major Adobe update (i.e. CC 2018 > CC 2019).

In most cases, a quick re-installation will resolve most Extension issues. Grab the latest Installers by visiting your Account via Gumroad -

How many installations am I allowed with my license key?

All purchases of Boombox, Motion come with a single-user commercial license. Meaning each License is valid for two installations (i.e. work computer and home computer, or two work computers etc.)

My payment isn’t going through, how can I checkout?

We use the eCommerce provider Gumroad, and use their recommended payments. Per Gumroad’s guidelines, our store accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Discover

  2. Visa (including Visa Electron)

  3. Mastercard

  4. AMEX

  5. Maestro

  6. Diner's Club

  7. PayPal

For more details about buying and paying through Gumroad please read -

Can my company purchase with a purchase order, or invoice?

We have a partner affiliation with Toolfarm, a reputable software distributor that can handle more payment methods (including purchase orders, international banks, invoices and more)

Visit to use their service.

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