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Third-party libraries and content accessed by this software may have different Notices, Terms & Conditions pertaining to those independent third-parties, regarding use of third-party owned or, hosted content that differs from information available on publicly available APIs this software accesses.

Notices, Terms and Conditions pertaining to the use of third-party content is the responsibility of You, acting as the User, to research, read and adhere to in both commercial and non-commercial works, regarding copyright, and use of third-party content.

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Please visit the Wander Guide for complete third-party library information


You Can

  • Manipulate the sound effects files however you like: eg. edit, transpose, pitch-shift, reverse...
  • Layer with other sounds
  • Synchronize with video or other sonic elements
  • Use sound effects as part of commercial video, personal project, or as part of music
  • Create copies of sound effects files to optimize your workflow and have emergency backup. Not to distribute to an unlicensed 3rd party.

You Cannot

  • Re-sell sound effects files in any way.
  • Make raw sound effects files available to a 3rd party in any way.
  • Sell as ringtones or incorporate raw sound effects files as part of a web or app-based soundboard.
  • Bundle sounds in physical products such as toys or wearable tech.
  • Create copies of sound effects to provide to an unlicensed 3rd party.

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