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The most complete sound design toolkit and audio library for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. 

Perfectly sync studio-quality audio with an interface and tools designed for professional animators.

For After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2021, 2022, 2023 or later.

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The best royalty-free audio

Help from Boombox, to find and sync

Visual sound design for motion designers

Make it all yours

Endless sounds packs are your secret weapon

170 sounds

Strange Future II

Beam in a dark and experimental variety of sounds, from odd resizes and dissolves to the weirder side of UI. Strange Future is equal parts classic sci fi and pointillistic experimentalism.



150 sounds


Creatures from across the kingdom will help you embrace your wild side. This pack is teeming with bites, snarls, purrs, scratches, and vocalizations from common animals both indoor and out.



192 sounds

Mobile Engagement II

Mobile Engagement is a playful assortment of notifications, chimes, alarms, menu UI and even ringtones. Give life to onscreen devices with a colorful mix of foley and synthesized UI.



140 sounds


How we all feelin' tonight?! Crowds gathers laughter, applause, boos and walla from audiences small-to-large in concert venues, reception halls and comedy clubs.



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