Quick update

Here is a quick catch up on cool things coming to Mt. Mograph. There are some huge updates on the way, powerful new team members — and also a brand new tool landing soon.

Last year, my buddy Koen Schmeets (coding master) and I teamed up to turn Midas from a useful little script, into a powerful animation engine. Getting to work with a Vespa riding world traveling developer not only opened my eyes to code, but also to what is possible with animation. With Koen on the keys, we're hammering out some exciting tools for motion graphics and crafting some fresh updates you will love.

We've completely rethought how to support users better, and design a better experience for the future. We've built a slick auto-update system, modernized and upgraded everything about tool UIs, and are turning simple Scripts into huge Extensions that do more.

The goal is unique tools for animation that are enjoyable to work and play with. All these improvements are in the works, and crazy tools are coming soon to Mt. Mograph.

Another of our buddies, composer Isaac Brockshus has also joined Mt. Mograph, and the three of us have been kicking ass on something sweet (Boombox). We're all pretty excited about this new tool, it sounds great and has been the works for a while.