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  • Boombox (Rhythm System)

    A new sound pack "Rhythm System" is here for Boombox. Kick it up a notch with an entire kit’s worth of clean drum samples. Be sure to check back for updates; future additions to Rhythm System will include loop-able beats and fills in addition to the individual samples.
  • Motion (v3.23)

    Another release is here for Motion v3.23 — in this update the UI got a lot of love and we've been chasing down some nasty bugs with Midas (our Auto-Update) system. We hope this update helps the M3 panel fit more formats and panels

  • Motion (v3.22)

    Another release is here for Motion v3.22 — we've been getting Requests from many users to add an Easing library and Comp Size features. We built this two new options, and included some nice bug fixes and UI improvements.

  • Motion (v3.21)

    An exciting new upgrade is here for Motion v3.22
  • Boombox (Commercial Hype)

    A new sound pack "Commercial Hype" is here for Boombox. Bring the hype with a pack of assertive basketball foley and impact motion sounds. Commercial Hype is suitable for all sorts of high-octane sports commercials.

  • Creative Cloud 2020 support

    We double checked all our tool installers on Windows and Mac to ensure compatibility with the latest CC 2020 version. Boombox and Motion are both fully updated and compatible with the latest version of Creative Cloud 2020.

  • Motion (v3.20 & 3.19)

    Well, we didn't plan to do a double release, but the new version of Motion is now up and running. We accidentally introduced a fun new way to mess up the whole Home UI in v3.19, so had to issue a same day update to resolve that to v3.20
  • Boombox (Gore)

    A new sound pack "Gore" is here for Boombox. Just in time for Halloween, this gruesome foley pack is loaded with dismemberments, stabs, hacks and generally gory organic sounds. Warning: not for the faint of heart.
  • Motion (v3.18)

    Motion v3.18 is available via Auto-Update. This update includes some small UI tweaks and tool improvements, but mainly fixes a variety of odd installation issues (unsuccessful logins, install errors etc.)
  • Motion (v3.17)

    A big milestone is here in Motion v3.17 — finally tooltips for all the tools 32 tools on the Tools screen. Since the library has been growing so fast, we didn't even take a second to describe the tools. But now you can enjoy all 32 tools, and the hundreds of other buttons with tooltips in Motion-3.
  • macOS Catalina compatibility

    All the tools are ready to go! We've got a brand new build server for the notarization requirements, and Boombox and Motion are both fully updated and compatible with the latest version of macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Boombox (v15)

    > DEV MESSAGE some kind of boombox information > v15 CHANGELOG a quick UI re-design and more