• Boombox (Liquid Contact)

    A new sound pack "Liquid Contact" is here for Boombox.ย Turn pixels to liquid with a collection of standard water sounds; splashes, submersions, pours, drips and bubbles. This foley pack will fit projects of all genres.
  • Boombox (In Suspense)

    A new sound pack "In Suspense" is here for Boombox. Lurking just out of sight are dark slams, mysterious swells and startling sweeps. In Suspense offers an eclectic soundscape united in terror.
  • Boombox (Characters)

    A new sound pack "Characters" is here for Boombox. Give your onscreen characters something to say with utterances from across the emotional spectrum. Shouts, cries, laughs, and much more represent a growing case of personalities.
  • Boombox (Arcade Shift)

    A new sound pack "Arcade Shift" is here for Boombox. Capture the essence of a bygone era with classic arcade beeps and whistles. Arcade Shift is full of UI standards like menu selections and resizes straight out of the 80s.
  • Boombox (Ear Candy)

    A new sound pack "Ear Candy" is here for Boombox. A sugary cornucopia of musical flourishes adds color to the movement of graphic elements. These sounds also double perfectly as UI staples.
  • Boombox official release!

    Getting Boombox to a stable release took a massive effort from a lot of people. What was originally planned was based off ideas from childhood, that took years for the right minds to come together, hurdles to jump and challenges to be meet. A designer, a developer, a composer and an artist start off on a project ...
  • Creative Cloud 2020 support

    We double checked all our tool installers on Windows and Mac to ensure compatibility with the latest CC 2020 version. Boombox and Motion are both fully updated and compatible with the latest version of Creative Cloud 2020.

  • Boombox (Commercial Hype)

    A new sound pack "Commercial Hype" is here for Boombox. Bring the hype with a pack of assertive basketball foley and impact motion sounds. Commercial Hype is suitable for all sorts of high-octane sports commercials.

  • Motion (v3.8 - 3.10)

    The brand new Texture tool is live in Motion v3.10! We had our buddy and talented photographer Cody Ross put together a library of overย 100+ textures. This new Texture tool and tons of nice updates all are shipped in the latest version โ€” and we dropped the rocked logo for a nice M3
  • Motion (v3.13 - 3.15)

    Motion v3.15 is available via Auto-Update. This update includes v3.13 and v3.14, we had to issue multiple updates because the new tool Falloff got compiled with a couple errors. Other than that โ€” just a super nice set of UI clean-ups.
  • Motion (v3.18)

    Motion v3.18 is available via Auto-Update. This update includes some small UI tweaks and tool improvements, but mainly fixes a variety of odd installation issues (unsuccessful logins, install errors etc.)
  • Motion (v3.20 & 3.19)

    Well, we didn't plan to do a double release, but the new version of Motion is now up and running. We accidentally introduced a fun new way to mess up the whole Home UI in v3.19, so had to issue a same day update to resolve that to v3.20