Boombox (Gore)


Just in time for Halloween, this gruesome foley pack is loaded with dismemberments, stabs, hacks and generally gory organic sounds. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

hits, bounces, catches, traps, swishes, slams, squeaks, jumps


A brand new sound pack is here for Boombox. For each new release the three of us get together, Jamie for artwork, Isaac for audio and myself just for general thoughts.

Isaac¬†and I spoke about what would be a needed a fun addition to the library, and since Halloween was approaching ‚ÄĒ we went ahead and decided to start a¬†Gore¬†pack.¬†


We spoke about gnarly hand to hand combat, broken limbs, blood drips, carnage, muscle fibers and more... we almost wound up with a more dinosaur t-rex themed pack. But got inspired when we started talking about the new John Wick movie and the X-Ray fatalities from Mortal Kombat.

Another fun opportunity to work with our friend Jamie Givens of to get the pack art right. Above are a couple rough drafts on the way to the final.